Moving and using Firefox Plugins on Swiftfox

So, have you ever heard of Swiftfox? If you are coming from google, probably yes. It is just like Firefox (the same source code) but it is compiled with optimizators for the major CPUs avaiable. So, it will perform better on your machine. It’s like having Firefox on Steroids. So, since it has the same source code, you can use your existing extensions (and install new ones) as well as use your plugins. There’s an platform independent installer on the website, but if it does not import the plugins for you, or, for some reason, you have installed it using another method (like Automatix, or tarball), you can create soft links from your existing plugins to use them on swift fox.

1. Go to /usr/lib/firefox/plugins

2. Do a ‘ls -l’ so that you can see where the link points to

3. Now, create links on /opt/swiftfox/plugins to the original files

Tip: ln receives the target and then the name for the link (I always misplace them)


Giving ls -l you find out that the java plugin ( is in /etc/alternatives/ So you do a

ln -s /etc/alternatives/ /opt/swiftfox/plugins/

Swiftfox will automatically use the new plugins.


~ by Dante Regis on May 21, 2007.

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