apt-get and dpkg log – undo changes

Sometimes you just run a command people on websites ask you to. Well, you actually won’t do something like “rm -Rf /”, but you will  follow some apt-gets for example. I did this today, and ended up with a system that did not play any video (the site was explaining to me how to convert FLV to AVI – I can’t do that yet). So, I messed it up. But how to undo the changes?

Fortunatelly, DPKG (wich apt-get uses under the hood) mantains a log of it’s works. It’s right there at /var/log/dpkg.log

Good lines to look at are those wich the first word after date/time is INSTALL. It says that you (or apt-get) requested to install that particular package.

I’m trying to undo my mess here!

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~ by Dante Regis on June 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “apt-get and dpkg log – undo changes”

  1. Excellent. I’ve needed a solution like this for a while, but have been too lazy until now to look for one.


  2. Perfect! I run in the same situation like you, but this must help! 😉

  3. I would also give a try to http://mavior.eu/apt-log

  4. I should have read that before wasting time on a script to write a log of installs/deinstalls… Thanks! =)

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