Browser autocompletion – how to delete specific item

Well, I have to share this one:

It’s damn simple, so of course I couldn’t find it. It was my girlfriend, Lívia, who doesn’t use computers more than the strictly necessary. She was on a Cyber Cafe and had to type her CPF (Something like USA Social Security Number) on a form. Then she found that her number was saved on the autocompletion “feature” of IE. She did the first thing she thought of: select the number and pressed DELETE. Yes, delete on the keyboard, or DEL in some.

Just too simple for someone who works with computers find out. I was wondering things like check the registry or clear all items through the Options Dialog. But no. Just press DELETE.

Thanks, Livia! 🙂

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~ by Dante Regis on June 30, 2007.

One Response to “Browser autocompletion – how to delete specific item”

  1. NO WAY!!

    OMG IT WORKS!! WHAT THE HELL! XD Too simple to be true! Thanks for the info!

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