autotest keeps running continuosly even without changing any files?

So, your autotest also keeps running over and over when your Rails code fails? Well, I had this issue here and found that the problem was that, when the tests were run, Ferret updated the index. So, autotest believed that files where changed when they weren’t. Googling a bit I found this code that you should put on your ~/.autotest :

Autotest.add_hook :run do |at|
  at.exceptions = /^(?:\.\/)?(?:db|index|doc|log|public|script|tmp|filestore|vendor\/rails)|\.svn|(?:.*_flymake\.rb$)/

If it does not work, try running autotest with “-v” option, to see which files have changed on autotest concern, and include the relevant directory on the list above.

Hope this helps you! 🙂


~ by Dante Regis on December 21, 2007.

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