Mobile Operator Idiocy

We have a mobile carrier here in Brazil called Vivo. If I’m not wrong (and I may be) it belongs to Telefonica, the spanish company. It has a website completely incompatible with any browser other than Internet Exploder. And, believe it or not, it is a official iPhone seller on this country (you can’t run IE on a iPhone). So a client of the company, Mr. Fernando Caprio, asked them about Firefox and other browsers compatibility with the site. Their answer:

Dear Mr. Fernando, good morning!

Regarding your e-mail, we inform you that our website is built on a MSDE database and all programing is done in files with a HTML extension. The software Firefox is incompatible with this extension.

Ain’t this neat? Firefox doesn’t support HTML! We should all move ASAP to Windows and IE6! After all, which other browser would enable us to read this blazing new technology? HTML Extension! Beware: it may take over the web!

I hope you guys have a glimpse of the customer care mobile carriers have here in our country.


~ by Dante Regis on November 15, 2008.

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